MBRT 8-Week Program – Spring

April 9, 2015 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT) 8-Week Program for First Responders 

The 8-Week MBRT Program is an experiential learning course developed here to support firefighters, police, 911 dispatcher, EMT’s, corrections staff and others in high-stress public service professions.  Link to flier:  MBRT for First Responders


An eight-week course that introduces first responders to the practice of mindfulness as a training method supporting wellness, job effectiveness, and personal resilience. This program has elements similar to Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) which I have taught for many years. Learn more about my background.  I developed MBRT developed here in cooperation with my colleagues at Hillsboro Police and Pacific University’s School of Professional Psychology. MBRT is tailored to the unique occupational stressors and culture of first responders.


A mind-body wellness course that brings contemporary neuroscience, medicine, psychology and experiential learning together in the classroom. Participants learn skills enhancing mental clarity, personal health, mindful exercise emphasizing range of motion and injury prevention. Practical skills to assist mitigation of stressors in the field, office and at home are learned. Recent research here and nationwide has shown significant health benefits for first responders.  Review the research summary at this link:  MBRT Research Summary.  This research was recently published.  Here is a link to the abstract:  MBRT Program: Jour. Police and Criminal Psychology, Jan. 23, 2015)

Program Structure:

  • Contact the trainer to discuss you or your agency’s interest in MBRT, Brant Rogers
  • Complete an application and interview in person or via phone.
  • 18.5 hours of class time (2 hours one day per week for 8 weeks).  Meeting each Thursday, 1400 – 1600 with a final extended class 1200 – 1630.
  • Your commitment to do homework each day you are not in class during the Program: 30 minutes
  • Tuition is $290 until one week prior to the first class and then it will increase to $340.  Arrangements can be made for billing with your agency if need be.
  • Classroom learning and practice of activities designed to support:
    • Increases situational awareness
    • Improved emotional regulation
    • Effective management of stress levels
    • Enhanced mental clarity
    • Better physical and mental health status

I teach MBRT in my well-equipped, safe and comfortable classrooms.  I can arrange to train on site at your agency or organization.

To register for the program you must  1) complete a brief informational interview with the instructor, Brant and 2) complete and provide the instructor the Application Packet MBRT for First Responders.