Fully Alive Nutrition: The essential elements of nutrition – two evening series

January 7, 2020 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
The Stress Reduction Clinic & Yoga Hillsboro
232 NE Lincolm Street Ste O Hillsboro
Or 97124

Do you want to know how to optimize your health and do all you can to help prevent chronic disease?

Then this course is for you!  Knowing the basic building blocks of nutrition is the start of learning how to use food as medicine, which is a powerful tool you can use to improve your health.  Learn how small daily changes in nutrition and lifestyle can have big long term impacts for your health.

This course will cover essential macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, digestion, and more!  This course will also include practical tips on how to implement changes in your own life to incorporate material learned in class.  Participants will be provided notes to follow along with course material as well as a new recipe (or two!) to try at home!

Tuition is $50 for this 2- evening series.  For more information and to register:  contact Kristin Kinnie MScN, MSW at Fully Alive Nutrition,  fullyalivenutrition.kk@gmail.com, or 971 770-3400.