Free Orientation – Full Catastrophe Living Open Door Program this Fall: Let’s share some time to make our way forward.

September 14, 2020 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Yoga Hillsboro & The Stress Reduction Clinic
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

Dear Folks;  Come and share this evening of encouragement and call to a path through the difficulties that surround us during this era of radical transformation.


I will also outline the comprehensive invitation to participate in any and all of my courses this fall in the ‘Open Door Program.:’  MBSR, workshops, series, yoga classes, series, and two coaching sessions.  An invitation to have nothing left out in your practice as you meet the challenges of the era ahead with all changes afoot; culture, economy, health, jobs, relationships.

The inspirations for this evening echo from many corners and all call for us to recognize that life’s immense difficulties can be met with fearful reactions or courageous embrace.  We all know both and during this time when the pandemic has stripped us of what we had taken for granted we will go one way or the other.  We see evidence of both in the heroism and generousity of some and the wretched holding and thoughtless destruction by others.

Which path shall we take?  Shall you take?  My hope is that you’ll find encouragement in our evening of learning, practicing and sharing to know that the courageous embrace of everything that is happening is like a difficult and painful birth that many of you who are mothers know about.

Here are some of the inspirations we will share:

Full Catastrophe Living is the classic work by my principal teacher, Jon Kabat-Zinn-Zinn.  He subtitled it Using the Wisdom of Your Body and Mind to Face Stress, Pain and Illness.  I don’t need to tell you that this era is rife with stress, pain and illness.  What Jon outlines is the practice of attentive presence, mindfulness, as a practical and accessible process.  We now have decades of research that prove that indeed these practices relieve the sharp edges of stress, pain and illness.  Not through some magical formula to make us numb or blissful but through, as Jon notes through this practice which he calls, “A radical act of love.”

Dr. Zach Bush has an open and clear invitation to meet the experience of life with our full vitality through offering an embodied presence to how we live; movement, breathing, nourishment, hydration, contemplative practice.  All pointed toward remembering our deepest calling and leaning in that direction. I am studying with him now and will share what i am learning from him and others in my  breathing series, movement (all of my mindfulness-based yoga courses and The Balance Series), nourishment workshop, and the Compassion , Love & Beauty workshop.

There is no tuition for this orientation though please register so I and prepare well for this evening.  Book Here.