Compassion, Love & Beauty — Online Workshop

November 7, 2020 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Stress Reduciton Clinic at Yoga Hillsboro
Brant Rogers
503 640-6006

I think we all yearn to meet life with a generous compassion.  Our general mode in living is to confuse compassion with sympathy and a sense of guilt at no ‘doing’ enough for others.  A path toward burnout however much there is good intention.

Perhaps there is a path that isn’t so much about ‘doing’ and more about ‘being’ an open and loving presence for ourselves and others.  Let’s investigate together the wisdom that has come down through the ages about this.  Acknowledging beauty (not glamour or seductive notions but the experiences in life of Grace, acts of beautiful unearned acceptance, of Love with a capital ‘L’.

Philosophers and teachers over the millennia have share their thoughts and experience of compassion, love, and beauty.  Let’s share with one another and then find a way to practice encouraging compassion in our lives as a gift to ourselves and others.

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Much Love  —  Brant