Dr. Zach Bush MD: A breathtaking perspective on health and wellbeing. Let’s pay attention.

Dear Folks;  Those of you who have been in my classrooms or spent time sharing the learning and practice here know that my style, though often playful , is very down-to-earth and pointed toward what is effective for your health and well-being; heart, mind and body.  What I share with students is anchored in science, practicality, and direct experiences of my students and me.  I am a scientist by academic training and seldom a true believer in  any orthodoxy or personal opinion of some famous teacher.  About twenty years ago Jon Kabat-Zinn’s work, research, and teaching of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction captured my interest and offered a straightforward, effective, and directly experiential mode of learning I found extremely effective and straightfoward.  Eventually trained to teach MBSR and have done so for over a decade with reams of tangible positive results with hundreds of students here.  Studies conducted in my classrooms document these helpful consequences of the system that Jon assembled.

Encountering Dr. Bush in my recent research I have been stunned by the incredible breadth, depth, and spirit of his medical and social perspective and outreach.  He reminds me of a younger Jon Kabat-Zinn in his insight and practical wisdom.  Given the state of our personal health, medical care system, social and political dynamics,  and the state of our planet’s biologic and climatic systems I urge you to listen and learn from Dr. Bush in a few of his videos and on this website listed below.

His insights are both stark and unyielding to any naive notion that we aren’t at a dramatic tipping point personally, environmentally, socially, and as a species. Equally though he offers a rich and wise personal path toward meeting the immense challenges we face.  His perspective on how to approach personal and community health is a powerful form of changing the direction of our species current trajectory toward immense difficulty.  Doubt this?  Learn below.

Please make time to review some or all of these.  I know you will find realistic hope for personal, family and friends, community, society, and humanity here.

Kindest Regards  —  Brant