Dear Government Employees and Contractors. You are My Guest Here.


My heart goes out to the federal government employees and contractors who, for no fault of their own, are on furlough, out of work, or working for no pay during the government shutdown.  Having been a federal employee for the US Peace Corps,  USDA, and Fish & Wildlife Service, as well as a contract research scholar on a federal grant for many years I know how hard folks work in service for the common good we all share.  I know how crucial their work is for all of us no matter our political leanings.

I am certain that “What makes America great” is how we can support one another in times of crisis.  

So if you are an employee affected by  the shutdown, for the duration of the shutdown please come as my guest to any of my weekly yoga classes and contact me to arrange deeply discounted or scholarship registration for my other programs; consulting, coaching, workshops, MBSR.  Contact me when you’d like to attend:

Contact Brant

If you know someone who would benefit by this please forward this along to them.   Likewise, please offer something helpful to them in some way alongside your efforts to communicate with your elected officials to help resolve this difficult moment in our history.

Thank you for what you offer our country.  I am here for you and am offering what I can in material and moral support.  I know that the practices  here can be helpful in the face of life’s big challenges and I offer these to you.

Thank you for your service.  I am here for you.  —  Brant