Best of Hilsboro 2018: Gold – Yoga Hillsboro & The Stress Reduction Clinic


Hello Dear Folks;

I was delighted today to receive a poster in the mail from the Hillsboro Tribune for a Gold Metal Best of Hillsboro awarded to this studio!

Of course it’s not just the place.  It’s the thousands of students over nearly 15 years who’ve offered kindness toward one another as they arrive willing to practice and learn.  It’s us teachers who are offering our hearts to each student who walks through the door as well as having an earnest devotion to a way of life imbued with the art of compassionate sharing.  It’s the physicians, therapists, family members and friends who continue to refer folks to classes and trainings here.

I bow deeply to you all for helping make these small classrooms a place of safe, kind, and playful way to help meet life’s challenges with one another.  You all remain in my daily prayers and meditations.

Kindest Regards  —  Brant