Allowing. A poem inviting our practice to include whatever emerges; recording & written word.

A few years ago after a huge personal loss, this poem emerged one morning.  It felt as if I had no choice but to write it down and then share it to support others meeting such challenges.

Reflecting back on that time I am certain it was an expression of the consequences of our practice in the face of the periodic and inevitable heartbreak that is part of the territory of being human.  Practice may be a contemplative practice, mindfulness meditation, yoga or otherwise.  Some sort of kind discipline of meeting the inward regions of us; the mystery below the surface of day-to-day strivings.

While heartbreak will come our way, I believe practice will open the door, as it did this time, to a full-hearted meeting of that heartbreak and invite it to be expressed in a way that includes, shares, heals and ushers us kindly forward to a new way of living.


Below is the recording and  text of Allowing from my small collection, Mindful Grieving; Meditations on the Blessings of Loss in Relationship.



Here, embracing life, this life

Allowing those near me to lean in, close

A thousand years is embracing this precious moment

Where sorrow and kindness are lovers

Anger feels as tears flow

Once shunned, longing, longing now meets with affection

Resentment and tenderness hold one another

The unforgivable receives a kiss

Outrage meets itself, transformed

The gentle breeze of this breath

warms the room

Everyone is here, everyone is here

And now I meet you